Sunday, December 02, 2007


Went for midnight movie with some of my classmates.
Watched 'The Tattooist'.
I wonder what genre is the movie.
There's no horror or whatsoever.
The movie is just like a discovery channel or national geographic programme.
First few times watching horror movies in cinema whereby there is not even one scream.

Ok, then went to Sentosa to slack and talk and to watch sunrise.
Didn't see the sun rise anyways, wrong direction.

Then went for Airforce Officer Seminar.
Did not apply for Airforce Officer as I think that the path is not what I wanted since their scholarship mainly apply for courses that I have absolutely no much interest in.
Furthermore, my 'perfect' eyesight of 800+ degrees render me unavailable to most of the scholarship.
But the food catering was nice.
Actually, it is supposed to be nice since the event was held in Raffles City Convention Centre and food is catered by Raffles City Hotel, 5-star hotel.

Oh, regarding those subjects about love which some of us kept discussing these few days.
Somehow, I think that one should not be so depressed after repeated rejections.
It's like, since a person has rejected you for numerous times, the person do not have inerest in you.
Continuing will make the person hate you even more and perhaps you will not be able to even be friends with the person.
By drowning in sorrows, you are just wasting your days alive since you are not productive.
Wasting oxygen, wasting food, wasting water, contributing to global warming, poverty and environmental degradation.
Come on, world population stands at 6+billion, and the number of females outweighs the number of males.
Your choices are damn huge.
Let's say there are 1+ billion females about your age.
Minus away 99% who perhaps are unavailable.
Left about 10 million females.
10 million!

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