Friday, March 14, 2008

PTE Marvin Wong

P.O.P. loh, I am now no longer a chao recruit.
I am now PTE Marvin Wong. =)

Yup. Sheenana celebrated my early birthday on Wednesday.
Thanks guys!
Actually in the beginning when they started singing the birthday songs, I thought they were singing for one of them, but it was actually for me! Whahaha.

Yea, and helped Sharon on Chemistry and some Physics on Thursday in NYJC.
My knowledge about Chemistry is a bit rusted, so while helping her, I also de-rusted my Chemistry knowledge.

And for today, Friday, went to Causeway Point to repair my Samsung U700.
It will be ready in a week's time.

Now, I wanna buy a PSP, and also a pair of Vans shoes.
See how first, I have block leave till 24th March, so I am damn free.

Did you realised that everything above seems quite summarized?
It's because I am having fever again and can't concentrate as well.
Sick shit.

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