Thursday, July 17, 2008

Can I make it?


In order to make use of these 2 wasted years of my NS, I usually will borrow books or buy books regarding Chemistry and Biochemistry so that I can read them during free time. However, while reading some books on biochemistry, I realised that I am unable to understand most of the stuffs inside that are related to biology. (And my course in uni is Chemistry AND Biological Chemistry) So, I am worried that I may not be able to make it since I have never touched any biology before during secondary school and junior college.

Hmm, perhaps after university starts, I will ask some of the girls whom I know taking NTU's Chemistry & Biological Chemistry this year. If there is too much high level biology involved, MAYBE I will be thinking of changing courses.

Pardon me, I am not fickle-minded about my uni courses, but I will do what I think is better for me. But of course I will ask others regarding other Chemistry courses in NTU and NUS lest there is more of this similar problem occuring.


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