Monday, January 08, 2007

First Official Day in School

Today's the first official day in school, feels like I am lagging behind a lot! But no homework requires me to hand them in today. So I am still saved. But tomorrow will be handing in GP holiday assignments. Haha.
Hmm, not sure what else to blog about.
Oh ya, PE today, measured height and weight, my height is 175cm. Shrank from 176cm. Then my weight is 66.2kg. I think I became lighter, last time was almost 70kg. Yup.
Hmm, I played basketball for the first time this year since like last year August or September. And I did shoot in a ball for my team! Haha.
Yup, that should be all. So hope tomorrow will be a better day, and hope there will be OG outing. Yea!

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