Wednesday, March 14, 2007

3rd Day of Mugging

Today did some Physics. Now I understand oscillations much better. Did the MCQ, and I got only 12 wrongs out of 46 questions. That's quite an accomplishment since my Physics is like HELL. Hmm, so now I have one goal, which is to get at least a 'C' grade in Physics so I can stuff the mouths of all the Physics teachers with my test paper. Or smack them with the test paper.
Honestly, getting a 'C' or better for Physics will be the best birthday present THIS YEAR.
Next year's birthday present will be all 'A's for my A Levels.

Today's Study Group was bigger. Me, Zhiyi, Kuei Hsien, Ann Nee, Gwen and Lisin came. Yea! So far the study group is quite a success. Yea! Go go go! All the best for our BLOCK TEST!

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