Friday, January 26, 2007


It's Friday! Changed my blog song to Rough Draft by Yellowcard.

Morning raining so no assembly, so no prize presentation for me.

Then PE is standing broad jump, I jumped 221cm.. Short of 1 cm to get D-grade. (To girls who read this, yours all so slack one!) Then is chin-up, I can do 7. So I passed chin-up and went to play basketball. Its raining so I did not express out all my skills. LOL

Then break, then physics. Physics is nothing much, but something funny is that the lab says some things missing from the lab due to our practical so our class will have to pay for it. $0.95 each.. LOL, wonder how much the school earns from this. Dunno whether is real or not, maybe the lab people lost the things themselves and blame us? Or someone in our class is a thief? Hmm..

Then econs. Econs test I think I die. Sianz, this term I think I flunked almost all my tests.

Then break, then GP. Ya. I did not go for The One auditions. I withdrew the last minute. My voice not nice mah, later people laugh at me. Besides, the competition is quite tense, most of them all quite pro. Maybe I humji? I dunno.

Yup. That's all for today. Tomorrow have Material Science and Engineering Competition training and also have to give out flyers for our next week CIP which is to collect old newspaper.

I still miss my pet hamster... Thanks for spending your life with me... Hope you are happy in heaven...

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